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Out of Network Billing Services

Out of Network Billing Services

PMS Insight has in place a team of experienced out-of-network team that provides professional out-of-network billing services

Team PMS Insight stays current with regulatory affairs, legal issues and the laws relevant to out-of-network domain.

This knowledge base acquired over the years helps us deal with payers. PMS Insight has successfully served numerous clients over the years in the complex and changing out-of-network environment. PMS Insight’s team dedicated to out-of-network billing services and stays up-to-date with current regulations. Being up-to-date with regulatory laws is a crucial aspect as payment for healthcare coverage and medication in America is constantly changing.

Out of Network Billing Services extends to specialized attention and treatment

While within-network cover is well established and routine, emergency hospital treatment and services for unexpected complications require specialized attention and treatment that may not be covered in the plan.

We deploy a team of experts specialized in out of network billing services across medical specialties. With years of track record of billing services designed to optimize profitability and reduce administration costs our dedicated staff plan and implement customized solutions for each of our clients.

PMS Insight is capable of delivering complete turn-key professional billing services or just the out-of-network billing service we will be delighted to be of assistance.