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Electronic Medical Records Software for Accuracy

Electronic Medical Records make it easy to send and receive information – whether within the clinic or hospital, a referral to a specialist in another part of the city, or an exchange of data with a facility in another state. Our EMR Solution provides you with all of your practice data at your fingertips.

Manage medications, access lab test results and patient education materials in an instant. Our solution combines all the routine tasks together in one easy to use platform. This is a tool needed for healthcare quality measures and patient disease management, which uses built-in Registry and Quality Measure Reporting. Staff operating this solution, can perform all of their actions, while continuously updating the patient information to your system.

This EMR Solution is the software solution for you! PMS Insight:

Strongly manages electronic records in encrypted format.

Extremely scalable data structure which supports numerous records.

Flexible – sustains a wide range of file and content types

Quick, simple access to electronic records.

Integrates with third party systems.

Fully integrated workflow.

Full audit trail maintained of all access to electronic records.

Role-based access control at all levels of the document hierarchy.

Customers achieve better patient care using our EMR Solution. Contact us today to find out how we can help you generate efficiencies and cashable savings while improving patient safety and care quality. We guarantee that our solution will help healthcare providers succeed in modernising and transforming their clinical processes.