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RCM Services

PMS Insight LLC provides revenue cycle management services that ensure cost-effective billing and coding services. With PMS Insight LLC, you get a team of specialists, a network of knowledge, and easy-to-use which you can access anywhere. This makes us a leading off-shore billing company, supporting our clients to achieve cash flow success. We strive to help you to achieve your objectives by doing whatever is necessary to get profitable results. We understand that the Revenue Cycle Management is a critical aspect of practice management where you do not want to settle for less than the best. This is why we have designed our RCM services to provide for all of your RCM needs in the best possible formats. Our in-depth knowledge on Revenue Cycle Management, delivers expert results, which exceed industry standards. Our communication will enable your business to have insight into its operation, growth and profitability. Your practice needs a strong RCM services team with a delay preventive mindset and this is exactly where we step in. PMS Insight LLC work process is an integration of People – Process – Technology, driven by customer needs and focused on customer results. As the healthcare landscape changes, it is critical you have the right team in place to care for your patients and your practice. Choose PMS Insight and breathe easy!

Our old AR clean up / recovery services help our clients to collect on all unpaid claims. We forward appeals and follow up on unpaid balances aggressively. We can perform these services on your billing software without disturbing the regular work-flow. With our specialized experience in billing and claims recovery, we put those hard-earned dollars back in our client’s account. With a combination of outstanding staff performance and state-of-the-art technology we guarantee unsurpassed results for our clients. Our billing specialists use a real-time AR management program, which allows them to work on unpaid claims. We stress the importance of regular and consistent follow-up on all accounts receivable. When you trust PMS Insight with your old AR recovery, all issues pertaining to old AR accounts will be efficiently dealt with so as to allow your staff to focus more on providing new professional services.

We have a robust team of experienced billing professionals who have been handling reimbursement for non-par providers based on the patients plan. Our collections team aggressively negotiates and resolves unpaid claims that are not covered by the insurance company’s within our network. We also have our in-house software database that maps the various payment patterns of difference third party negotiation companies based on the location and plan of the patient. We are confident that our experience and expertise will help streamline your billing process, saving your time and money. This data base helps our negotiators to appeal/send letters to the Insurance Company requesting the reason for low reimbursement and directing them to increase the allowed amount on the particular claim.